Fox’s Bolling: To Hell with Compromise; GOP Should Dare Obama to Veto Their Agenda

Despite the ongoing political narrative that the new Republican Senate Majority will attempt to work with President Barack Obama now that we’ve achieved fully divided government, Fox’s Cashin’ In host Eric Bolling thinks the GOP should quit playing nice and dare the president to veto its legislative agenda.

Bolling took to his weekly “Wake Up America” monologue to lambast conservatives for having previously played in “squishy Republican pastels.” Any sense of compromise among the GOP, he warned, should be discarded.

“Compromise?” he incredulously asked. “Did [the Democrats] compromise on Obamacare? We didn’t want it. The president and his majority forced that monster upon us.” Bolling added that the Democrats also didn’t compromise on “open[ing] the border for hundreds of thousands of illegal Central American kids to make themselves at home here.”

Employing a football metaphor, Bolling suggested the Democrats “fumbled” the ball and now that the GOP has recovered it, it’s time to simply “run up the score” by daring the president to veto various Republican initiatives: The Keystone Pipeline; a corporate repatriation tax holiday; and a conservative-supported immigration bill.

“This is not a time for compromise,” the host said. “No spiking the football, but damn! Don’t waste this majority.”

Watch below, via Fox:

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