Fox’s Bret Baier: Technically Giuliani is Right, Collusion Isn’t a Crime, Conspiracy to Steal an Election Is


On Fox News Channel’s Outnumbered Overtime, host Harris Faulkner spoke with host of Special Report Bret Baier about the surprise call-in interview with Rudy Giuliani that she and the other Outnumbered hosts conducted in the previous hour. Baier cut right to the center of what has been the news all day, since Giuliani went on a morning show blitz: his new tactic of saying that collusion isn’t illegal anyway.

“I think that that call was in part to be a cleanup on aisle five on previous interviews in which it seems like Rudy Giuliani was moving the goal posts as far as what either the president believed, or, you know, what collusion was, or was it a crime,” said Baier. “I think he wanted to clean that up, to make it clear.

Faulkner asked him, “Do you think he cleaned it up?”

“Listen, he said, ‘If there was collusion, it wouldn’t be a crime, but there’s not collusion’, so he wanted to make sure that got out there,” Baier answered.

“You know, technically he’s right, I mean, the crime, in statute,” he said, “is not collusion, it is conspiracy. To work with a foreign agent, foreign power to steal an election, essentially. And there’s a number of technical ways you would get to a crime there.”

He also said he was fascinated by “this second Trump Tower meeting that comes out of the blue from Rudy Giuliani, preempting what, I guess, he thinks that Cohen is going to say to some reporter, saying that ‘that didn’t happen’ and ‘Trump wasn’t there’. So I thought it was fascinating the way it evolved in that interview.”

He wasn’t the only one fascinated (or dumbfounded) by that.

Baier bottom-lined it before the end of the clip. “The original thing that was said was that the President didn’t know about the meeting in Trump Tower. That’s what Don Jr. testified to– now there is some debate whether he knew or didn’t know, he said. “Rudy Giuliani’s answer is, ‘he didn’t attend the meeting’. And now there is talk of a second meeting. So I think we have to sift through that.”

Yes. That does need to be sifted through.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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