Fox News Hosts Press Giuliani on Revelation of Second Trump Meeting: ‘No One Asked If He Was There’


Rudy Giuliani called into Fox News’ Outnumbered to clarify his remarks earlier in the day about the Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting and some kind of second meeting that may or may not have happened, which only invited more questions from the Fox hosts.

“What we heard you say today was the president was not at that meeting,” Faulkner said. “That actually takes on a question that has not been asked or even suggested. So why did you say that?”

Giuliani appears to now be denying that there was an additional meeting of some kind before the one with the Russians.

Faulkner continued to try and clear things up with the President’s lawyer, and Giuliani insisted, “I am telling you the meeting didn’t take place, never happened, he had to handle it himself.”

Melissa Francis jumped in to say, “I don’t think any of that really addresses the question of why you would say he wasn’t at the meeting?… Why are you saying that the president wasn’t at the meeting? I understand those two meetings that you just set out there, but that doesn’t explain why you’re saying he wasn’t there. Who asked if he was there? No when asked if he was there.”

“Two alleged meetings,” he said, “first meeting, a group people, not the president––that group of people says the meeting didn’t take place, only person who has alleged it is Cohen. Second meeting, the President’s office, in walks Donald Trump Jr., says, ‘Let me meet with the Russians,’ never took place, didn’t happen.”

Francis pushed back, “To say he wasn’t there implies that it happened and he wasn’t there.”

Watch the whole thing above, via Fox News.

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