Fox’s Charles Payne Battles Bill Hemmer in Fiery Clash on NCAA Athlete Pay: ‘They’re Being Used and Abused!’


America’s Newsroom, arguably the most genteel show in the Fox News lineup, got truly intense for a few minutes — on a subject, no less, which was unrelated to President Donald Trump.

In a fiery clash on Tuesday’s program, Fox Business host Charles Payne battled Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on the subject of whether college athletes should be paid. Hemmer is opposed to the prospect. Payne is very, very not.

“These kids who are at schools where the coach is making $5 million a year for wearing Nike shoes, maybe they should get paid?” Payne said. “A lot of them don’t even eat.

“I’m a capitalist.”

Hemmer argued that a full college scholarship ought to be enough compensation.

“Why is a full-ride not enough, Charles?” Hemmer said.

“If I bring in $10 million, and you give me a hundred thousand worth of value for it, it’s not fair!” Payne said.

“I’m 18! I’m getting a full ride!” Hemmer shot back

“A full ride to what?!” Payne replied.

“A full ride to a great American university that’s giving me another chance in life!” Hemmer said.

Payne wasn’t having it.

“You can’t make $5 million off of me and in return tell me ‘I’m gonna give you a $50,000 education,'” he said. “It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. You’re ripping these people off. They are being used and abused! Give them something! Because you are making millions off of them. That’s usury!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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