Frank Luntz Goes Off on Media Polarization After Contentious Focus Group: ‘We Have to Say Enough Is Enough’


Republican pollster Frank Luntz has reached a breaking point, by his own admission.

Last week Luntz conducted a particularly contentious focus group, including a moment when one individual repeated the baseless claim of a stolen election spread by the former president and others.

On Sunday he spoke with Howard Kurtz and said, “They simply don’t believe they’re getting the truth, which is what they want, and they cannot distinguish between what former President Trump says and what others say. That in reality they’re getting their news to affirm themselves rather than inform themselves and that’s a problem.”

“It’s the responsibility of the news media to tell the truth, to provide the facts, and if you’re going to give opinion, make it clear that that’s exactly what it is. The problem with the Trump people is they think that’s all opinion. They think it’s opinion from the left and they can’t find any place to go that’s going to validate them and what they believe,” he added.

“But isn’t also true that people on the liberal side of the spectrum try to seek out news that validate their opinions?” Kurtz asked.

Luntz shared a survey that found the vast majority of those who watched CNN and MSNBC voted for Joe Biden, while the vast majority of Fox News viewers voted for Donald Trump.

He even got candid about how after conducting that focus group, he’s on the precipice of just no longer doing this for a living.

“Howie, this is a disaster. I know that you’re in the business of analyzing the news. I’m in the business of analyzing public opinion and I have to tell you, I’m not only frightened, I’m disgusted by it,” Luntz added.

He even bluntly said, “I’ve been telling my friends and colleague that they have to find someone to replace me because they still need to hear from the public. My frustration is that almost every news network goes to the pundits rather than the people.”

“We all have to teach civics, we have to teach civility, and we have to say enough is enough.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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