Glenn Greenwald Rails at Media Over ‘Completely Exploited’ Death of Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick


Glenn Greenwald argued that the media has “completely exploited” the death Brian Sicknick, in light of the new information about the police officer who died after the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Greenwald joined Tucker Carlson on Monday night for a segment regarding the Washington, D.C.’s chief medical examiner’s determination that Sicknick died from natural causes — he suffered two strokes the day after the riot — rather than any internal or external injuries.

In January, the New York Times initially reported, citing unnamed law enforcement sources, that Sicknick died after he was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher. That reporting was used as evidence that the pro-Trump mob killed a police officer, but it eventually fell apart as there was no evidence Sicknick was struck in the head. He was, however, attacked by rioters with bear spray.

Police were investigating whether bear spray played a role in Sicknick death, but Carlson did not note that detail in the segment. Nor did he note the fact that the medical examiner said “all that transpired played a role in [Sicknick’s] condition.”

Still, Greenwald blasted the media for connecting Sicknick’s death to the violent actions of Donald Trump’s supporters.

“They lied on purpose. I say that because it was vital to be able to claim that a pro-Trump mob on January 6th murdered somebody,” Greenwald said. “It’s very difficult to depict this protest as this menacing insurrection if they actually killed nobody and they themselves were killed. He became so central to their narrative that they valorized him. The idea that he was killed by the pro-Trump mob made it into the official record of President Trump’s impeachment trial.”

Greenwald went on to argue that the press knowingly lied with their coverage of Sicknick’s death by amplifying the flimsy fire extinguisher reporting.

“This is what is so repulsive is they completely exploited this person, this young police officer, who they obviously didn’t care anything about,” Greenwald said. “They saw him as a toy to exploit his death for purely political ends in ways that we now know were a complete and utter lie.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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