GOP Rep. Criticizes #MeToo Movement in Bizarre Interview: I Can’t Compliment Your Hair or Outfit Now


Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) appeared in person on Fox News’ Outnumbered Overtime on Monday to discuss the Brett Kavanaugh hearing and allegations, and he had some eyebrow-raising reactions and criticism of the #MeToo movement.

To begin, host Harris Faulkner related to Yoho the latest updates on the allegations, and then asked Yoho upended, “what do you make of this?”

Yoho started with a bang, invoking Judge Roy Moore and saying his character was assassinated.

“I think it’s like we see over and over again, it’s character assassination. We saw this with Judge Roy Moore,” he said. “You know it was real big going up to the election, as soon as the election’s over, you don’t hear anything about it.”

“These people have had ample time to come out in the last 30, 40 years and there’s not been any talk of this,” he continued. “If they are true, they should have come out earlier.”

Faulkner then asks how “complicated” it has become for leaders in Congress to look at allegations in light of the “#MeToo movement.”

“The #MeToo movement, you know if there’s wrong done to anybody, you know, we need to go after that. But it’s gotten so sterile up there,” assessed Yoho.

“It’s like right now I couldn’t compliment you on your hair or your outfit you have on now, or somebody would say that was pretty presumptuous,” said the Congressman to the prominent news anchor interviewing him about politics, sexual misconduct allegations, and the Supreme Court. “People are afraid to do their regular job during the day.”

Faulkner asked about the timing of Ford’s accusation, and Yoho said again that she should have come out much sooner, that Kavanaugh has been a Judge for a long time.

“I think it’s very suspicious when they wait till the very end and bring up something from college days. You and I went to college. I can’t remember what I did –” he said laughing.

“Well I wasn’t 15 at the time. She was a child not much older than my oldest child,” Harris corrected him. “But I hear what you’re saying in terms of this, the political timing for this now. He has been a federal judge a long time.”

Yoho also expressed his belief that allegations of sexual misconduct and investigating them are interfering with their jobs as members of Congress. He listed a number of issues facing the nation, including debt, China, and North Korea saying “we should focus on those things.”

“We can’t get our legislative work done because we get drug (sic) into — I don’t want to call it drama, if it was something that truly happened, there should be some closure to that. But we spend so much time working and spending over here that we can’t get the work done that we’re here to do in Congress. And I think at some point we need to set that aside and have that day in court but yet don’t focus or don’t drop the ball on what we should be focusing on.”

“You know who agrees with you,” said Faulkner. “The American people.” She also listed several things facing the government, such as healthcare reform, and said that “people just want their problems solved.”

Yoho remarked on a bill about foreign aid, saying it’s bipartisan.

“That’s the kind of stuff we can get done if we can focus on it,” he said. “But if we’re distracted––and I don’t want to call them side shows or circuses, but they kind of look that way to the American public. The American public, like you said, wants us to come in, get the job done that we were elected to do and run the country.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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