Hannity and Dan Bongino Blow Up at Geraldo Rivera for Defending Biden: ‘Get Lost, This is Ridiculous!’


Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera clashed with host Sean Hannity and guest Dan Bongino while defending former Vice President Joe Biden against claims that he abused his White House position to protect his son’s natural gas company.

“Biden’s got a lot of other issues going on but you can’t blame Joe Biden for his brother James or his bad boy son,” said Rivera during a Hannity panel on Tuesday night discussing Hunter Biden and his private equity firm’s ties to an oligarch-owned gas company in Ukraine, which the Democratic frontrunner’s son resided on the board of.

Bongino insisted that Biden was guilty of outright corruption by accusing him of protecting his son’s investment by firing a Ukrainian prosecutor in charge of investigating the company, as the then-vice president was led the Obama administration’s Ukraine outreach in 2016.

“It’s called Google, man. Just look it up, the connections here are endless,” added Bongino, before saying that examples of corruption are “endless with Biden. He plays this lunch bucket Joe image and he’s a corrupticrat like everyone else and you are giving him a pass because what you don’t have an ironclad smoking gun in front of you.”

“That’s not fair,” Rivera shot back. “Joe Biden, what you know that I what do you know that the American people don’t know? Don’t vote for him if you don’t like him for various substantive reasons but he’s not dishonest. ”

Bongino finished the segment by telling his co-panelist, “Get lost, this is ridiculous,” while Hannity simply looked down and shook his head over Rivera’s defense of Biden.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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