Hannity Trashes Democrats’ ‘Temper Tantrum’ in Impeachment Trial, Mocks ‘Beady-Eyed Lunatic’ Schiff


Sean Hannity tonight blasted Democrats as the impeachment trial continued, singling out Adam Schiff and his “Schiff show” in particular.

He mocked the complaints from Democrats about Senate trial fairness when they “gave no due process to the president” in the House.

Hannity reiterated that they shouldn’t get to call witnesses and warned viewers that there are Republicans in the Senate who are “pretty weak” and “willing to lend credibility” to the Democrats’ argument. If they do, he said, they will be helping “this unconstitutional corruption.”

As for Schiff, Hannity continued to call him a “congenital liar” and said he’s not acting like a public servant:

“The beady-eyed lunatic you’ve been watching on your screen all day is perhaps in my view the worst liar in all of politics. He said he had significant evidence, for three years, he told us, os Trump Russia collusion. That was a lie.”

He listed more examples before saying, “The truth doesn’t seem to matter to those throwing what is now a three-plus-year temper tantrum. This is a political hit job. This is a partisan smear campaign. This is a dirty trick from beginning to end.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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