Here’s a Skier Making a Total Mockery of the Olympics With a Performance You Could Probably Top

Elizabeth Swaney can now call herself an Olympian. And it has nothing to do with her being a great athlete or someone who persevered through adversity. It is all due to her knowing how to game the system.

The freestyle skier — and we’re using that term very loosely — competed in the qualifying rounds of the women’s halfpipe. She won’t be in the finals as her runs were what one would expect from someone trying out the bunny slope for the first time.

In her first run, she laconically skied up and down the halfpipe walls. While the rest of the skiers were tossing out complex tricks and grabbing huge air, Swaney was content to make it to the lip with each pass and slowly ski down the wall, making sure she didn’t fall. She sorta kinda attempted a 180 during one pass and then got super-fancy by skiing backward to the bottom.

After her two qualifying runs, Swaney was dead last, scoring a 30.0 and 31.4 from the judges.

So, how did she get to the Olympics? The 33-year-old Californian found a loophole in the qualification standings.

According to NBC Sports, there were 24 quota spots for the competition. But also restrictions on how many skiers an individual country could send. Therefore, even though the United States had six of the top 20 skiers in the world, they could only send four.

Swaney is able to compete for Hungary due to her grandparents coming from there. So what she did is travel to World Cup events and rack up enough required top-30 finishes that featured her not crashing, thus ending up ranked #34 in the world. (It should be noted that most events don’t even have 30 competitors.) Toss in the quota restrictions and her name got called to fill out the 24-woman field.

And that’s how we got that mockery of a run.

Check out her performance above, via NBC.

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