Herman Cain Explains That He’s ‘Using’ Stephen Colbert Just As Much As Stephen Colbert’s ‘Using’ Him

Earlier today, Herman Cain stopped by CNN to discuss his life post-candidacy and he was asked about one of his most headline-grabbing activities; his partnership with Stephen Colbert. CNN’s Kyra Phillips asked him if he was worried that Colbert was “using him for a punchline.” A thoughtful Cain responded that it was a “mutual use.”

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Echoing comments he made to Neil Cavuto last week, Cain explained that, as much fun as he’s having with Colbert, it’s also a great way to talk to the young voters of America.

“It’s a mutual use because he reaches the youth vote that I happen to believe will be very critical to winning the election in November. And so one of the things that I’m focusing on is helping to keep the youth vote inspired. You have to go where they are. They’re watching Colbert. They’re watching Jon Stewart. I’m going to go to college campuses. That’s one of the things I’m going to do. And so I want to keep the youth vote, I want to keep the disgruntled Democrats, I want to keep some of the Republicans and conservatives that might be losing interest because of all the negativity. We’ve got to keep them inspired. So Colbert represents and outreach to the youth vote and that’s why I enjoy doing things with him.”

Cain also talked about the candidates he left behind, calling their continuous attacks on each other “divisive” because “they’re not divisive on solutions.” He did, however, say that either Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney could beat President Obama but he wouldn’t endorse anyone in particular. Phillips pushed him, reminding him that he said at the beginning that America needed a businessman president, but Cain would only offer a few pro’s and a few cons for both.

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Watch the clip from CNN below:

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