Hey, What Has Lorena Bobbit Been Up To? CNN Offers Up A Snippet

Lorena Bobbitt – now Lorena Gallo – appeared on CNN‘s “Where Are Thy Now?” this morning to give viewers a rather oddly-timed update about what she’s been up to lately (nothing, after all, says “Happy Holidays” quite like a Bobbitt interview). Gallo, you may recall, was ushered into the annals of weird news history in 1993 when she severed her allegedly abusive husband’s penis, then threw it out a car window.

Every once in a while, Gallo pops up on TV to discuss what it’s like being famous for cutting the pricks out of one’s life, so to speak. This likely provided some interesting conversation for parents of small children watching CNN while stranded at the airport. In any case, it’s probably a welcome change from the ongoing reports of “Snow: We Haz It” that have been dominating the news this week.

This time around, Gallo filled viewers in on her charity project: Lorena’s Red Wagon, a non-profit that raises money and awareness for domestic violence charities. Is it unfair, then, to keep churning out puns at Gallo’s expense? Yes. Does that mean we’ll cut it out? Of course not.

Watch the “clip” from CNN below:

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