WATCH: Hillary Clinton Surprises Grammys by Reading From ‘Fire and Fury’


The Grammys were always going to have a few politically-charged moments, but this one was certainly a surprise.

The ceremony’s host, James Corden explained that The Recording Academy honors spoken word as well as singing and music. He listed some past winners of Best Spoken Word Album, including presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and said that President Donald Trump may not win next year, but he may be the subject of who does win.

The show then cut to a skit led by Corden in which several famous faces, including Snoop Dogg, John Legend, and Cher, “auditioned” to read the audiobook for Michael Wolff’s Trump administration exposé “Fire and Fury.”

The skit ended with someone nailing the audition and being hired. Who was it? None other than Hillary Clinton.

The shot began with Clinton holding the book over her face so she couldn’t be seen, but the crowd’s deafening screams began from the moment her voice was heard.

Corden cut Clinton off in the middle of her reading a passage about Trump’s love for McDonald’s, and then the two exchanged a few words about how Clinton was perfect for the job.

“The Grammy’s in the bag?” Clinton asked.

“In the bag,” Corden replied.

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was not pleased with the skit, tweeting that it “ruin[ed] great music with trash”:

Watch above, via CBS.

[image via screengrab]

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