Idiot Changes Mind About Getting Eaten by Anaconda on Live TV

The power of nature’s creatures can truly be something to behold.

I’m talking about dumb reality television specials like Eaten Alive, in which naturalist Paul Rosolie tried to see if he could be eaten alive by an anaconda on national television. Rosolie was wearing a carbon fiber suit he thought would protect him from the snake’s constriction, a theory that was less reassuring when the massive snake had its mouth around his helmet. Rosolie called for his crew to rescue him, a gyp Twitter was not happy about:

The show itself was full of breathless commentary such as “he is getting constricted” and “she’s showing signs of trying to ingest me,” all of which should been red flags before the snake was actually swallowing him. Rosolie appeared to be fine, by the by, and perhaps a little wiser about man’s hubris.

Watch the clip below, if that’s your thing, via the Discovery Channel:

[Image via screengrab]

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