Ingraham Goes After ‘Conservatives on the Sidelines’ While U.S. Is ‘Under Attack’: ‘We Will Remember Those Who Deserted Their Colors’


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham opened her show Monday going after “conservatives on the sidelines” while the U.S. “is under attack.”

She brought up everything from the civil unrest going on in the country to riots to the toppling of monuments and how “people are being threatened with having careers ruined.”

Ingraham recalled how “it was easy to be conservative” years ago when “America won the Cold War and the government was putting up statues of Ronald Reagan and Marxism appear to be actually defeated.”

“But where are those people now?” she asked, before showing clips of Steve Schmidt, John Kasich, and Bill Kristol slamming the president.

“We have conservatives on the sidelines in this battle or worse. The people you just heard, NeverTrumpers, who are raising money to help these vindictive extremists win in November? Are you kidding me?” Ingraham continued.

She went after “the folks in Washington who make money, meanwhile, from Conservatism Inc.” for not stepping up and instead waiting until this moment passes:

“We’re seeing more and more American families and American students finally starting to see what’s at stake in this current crisis. A lot of very clever people who’ve gone to a lot of fancy schools will some day be very sorry that when the time came for them to speak for America, they were nowhere to be found. Because we’re going to beat the left either now or in the near future. And someday, the riots will stop. Someday, law and order will really be restored. And someday, American heroes will be celebrated again. And when that happens, we’ll remember those who deserted their colors when times got tough. We know who they are and they know who they are. And we will never forget them.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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