‘Is it Even Right to Call Joe Biden a Frontrunner?’: Jake Tapper Questions Veep’s Status in 2020 Race After Middling Cash Haul


CNN anchor Jake Tapper questioned if it is correct to call Joe Biden the 2020 Democratic frontrunner when his fundraising is “eclipsed” by Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Is it even right to call Joe Biden a frontrunner if he’s being eclipsed in fundraising by Buttigieg and by Bernie Sanders? Bernie Sanders has a huge fund-raising donor base and also the state-by-state polls show that it’s really fluid and voters haven’t coalesced around a candidate yet,” Tapper questioned his panel on The Lead Thursday.

NPR reporter Ayesha Rascoe responded by saying Biden’s support has remained “fairly consistent,” and noting Biden was able to bring in millions of dollars himself in fundraising.

“This was a do or die moment for him, in a sense. If he hadn’t been able to show that he could do the fundraising right now, that would have been a real problem for him,” she said.

Tapper also stressed Sanders’ fundraising haul as something for reporters to focus on.

“We shouldn’t sleep on Sanders again. He had a heart attack in October. Since then, not only has his health revived, since then 1.8 million people contributed to his campaign, 40,000 people alone donated on the last day of the fourth quarter. $8.53, the average donation. And he’s also pointed out that with 5 million donors, if every one of them gave him $27: that’s $1 billion,” Tapper said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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