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WATCH: CNN Guest Apologizes After Claiming Trump Has ‘Radicalized So Many More People Than ISIS’

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Jeff Sessions is Out ‘Five Minutes After Polls Close’ in Midterms

Jake Tapper and Panel Break Down Stunning Hicks Resignation: Feels Like ‘Things Are Coming Apart’

Jake Tapper Slams Trump’s Latest Round Of Outrageous Tweets: Not ‘Stable Behavior’

Leeann Tweeden Gets Emotional in Powerful Interview With Jake Tapper

Tapper Tangles With Roy Moore Supporter: Would You Vote For a Child Molester Over a Democrat?

Jake Tapper Rails Against Trump For ‘Shocking Statements on the Rule of Law’

Tapper: Was Trump Doing the Old ‘Look, a Squirrel!’ Trick With ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Comment?

Democratic Rep. Rips Congress’ ‘Hypocritical’ Moment of Silence for Vegas: ‘For the Headlines’

Jake Tapper Rips Trump During Impassioned Monologue: ‘Unpatriotic… Un-American’

Jake Tapper: White House Drama More Like ‘Melrose Place‘ Than ‘Game of Thrones

Tapper Hits Don Jr. for Previously Saying He Revealed ‘Everything’ on Meeting: ‘This Was Not Everything’

Seb Gorka Urges Tapper to Move On From Russian Meddling: ‘People Are Dying in Syria’

Critics Shout ‘Fake News’ as CNN’s The Lead Shows Satirical National Enquirer Cover

Tapper Mocks Trump on Flynn: ‘Never Took the President That Long to Fire Someone on The Apprentice

‘That Didn’t Age Well’: Tapper Mocks Michael Flynn for Leading ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants

‘Jesus Was Booked’: Palin Jokes About Bringing Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to White House

‘Does That Count as a Pre-Existing Condition?’: Tapper on Paul Ryan Calling GOP Fights ‘Growing Pains’

Jake Tapper: ‘That Would be Fake News’ if We Said Trump Had Evidence to Back Up Wiretap Claim

Jake Tapper: ‘The Media, Of Course, Did Not Fire Michael Flynn — President Trump Did’

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