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Tapper: Was Trump Doing the Old ‘Look, a Squirrel!’ Trick With ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Comment?

Democratic Rep. Rips Congress’ ‘Hypocritical’ Moment of Silence for Vegas: ‘For the Headlines’

Jake Tapper Rips Trump During Impassioned Monologue: ‘Unpatriotic… Un-American’

Jake Tapper: White House Drama More Like ‘Melrose Place‘ Than ‘Game of Thrones

Tapper Hits Don Jr. for Previously Saying He Revealed ‘Everything’ on Meeting: ‘This Was Not Everything’

Seb Gorka Urges Tapper to Move On From Russian Meddling: ‘People Are Dying in Syria’

Critics Shout ‘Fake News’ as CNN’s The Lead Shows Satirical National Enquirer Cover

Tapper Mocks Trump on Flynn: ‘Never Took the President That Long to Fire Someone on The Apprentice

‘That Didn’t Age Well’: Tapper Mocks Michael Flynn for Leading ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants

‘Jesus Was Booked’: Palin Jokes About Bringing Ted Nugent and Kid Rock to White House

‘Does That Count as a Pre-Existing Condition?’: Tapper on Paul Ryan Calling GOP Fights ‘Growing Pains’

Jake Tapper: ‘That Would be Fake News’ if We Said Trump Had Evidence to Back Up Wiretap Claim

Jake Tapper: ‘The Media, Of Course, Did Not Fire Michael Flynn — President Trump Did’

Tapper Begins Program By Asking ‘When Did the White House Briefing Room Become QVC?’

‘Those Are Alternative Facts’: Tapper Rips White House for Portrayal of National Security Council

CNN’s The Lead Staff Sends Care Packages to ICU Nurses in Afghanistan

John Kasich Admits He Just Can’t Bring Himself to Be ‘Enthusiastic’ About Voting Now

If You Buy Original Art by CNN’s Jake Tapper, You’re Donating Right to Wounded Veterans

Who Has the Best Twitter Account in Cable News? Jake Tapper

Tapper Suggests ‘Business End of a Shovel’ For Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli’s Smirky Puss

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