Jack Kingston Catches Heat For Spinning Lousy Trump Polls: ‘I Hope You See Me Rolling My Eyes’


CNN released a new poll Monday, and many of the survey’s findings were close to abysmal for President Donald Trump.

But former Congressman and Trump campaign advisor Jack Kingston wasn’t about to let pesky numbers get in the way of a good, pro-Trump story.

Appearing on CNN Tuesday, Kingston tried to downplay the findings of the CNN poll (which concluded that nearly three-quarters of respondents don’t trust the White House).

“What we did in the Trump campaign is never look and put too much weight on any given poll,” Kingston said.

Okay, all well and good. But anchor Kate Bolduan interjected when Kingston tried to highlight the one number in the poll which was favorable for Trump; that 53 percent of respondents believe things in the country are going well.

“Don’t ever come to me citing a poll you like!” Bolduan said. “Don’t ever come at me citing a poll you like from this day forward, my friend!”

Undaunted, Kingston went on spinning.

“That 53 percent in terms of almost right track, wrong track is still significant,” Kingston said. “With unemployment at a 16-year low, with the stock market breaks records on a weekly basis, with illegal border crossings down 60%, those are things Americans want.”

The CNN panel was unmoved.

“That was a really good try,” said Democratic strategist Matt Bennett.

Kingston went on to get in a squabble with Margaret Hoover over her criticism that Trump has failed to achieve anything of substance. Eventually, Bolduan wrapped the segment with a shot at Kingston — calling him out for ducking her queries.

“I have an interesting conversation with you all the time, also when you answer my question,” Bolduan said.

“I always answer your questions, Kate,” Kingston said.

“Yes, you do,” Bolduan replied, sarcastically.

She added, “I hope you see me rolling my eyes.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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