Kate Bolduan

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Asks: How Does a President Keep a Secretary ‘Who Thinks He’s a Moron?’

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Claims ‘I Don’t Have a View!’ In Spat With GOP Rep.

Kate Bolduan Blows Up After Panelist Accuses CNN Of Using Heather Heyer’s Death as ‘Political Cudgel’

CNN’s Angela Rye: Statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lee ‘All Need to Come Down’

Bonkers CNN Debate Between Kate Bolduan and GOP Senate Candidate: ‘Stop Talking! Stop Talking!’

Michael Eric Dyson Clashes With Former Trump Staffer: ‘You Make Excuse After Excuse’

Jack Kingston Catches Heat For Spinning Lousy Trump Polls: ‘I Hope You See Me Rolling My Eyes’

GOP Rep. Says Media Forced Trump to Attack Sessions

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Blasts GOP Rep For Defending Trump’s ‘I’m Not Going to Own It’ Remark

Jake Tapper Goes Cronkite on Don Jr. Emails: ‘Evidence of Willingness to Commit Collusion’

Dem Rep. on Trump’s Fitness for Office: If Viewers ‘Want to Google Narcissistic Personality Disorder…’

‘I’m Sick Of It!’: Keith Boykin Goes Nuts on CNN Over Trump Tweets

Ana Navarro: ‘I’m So Old the C-Word Used to be Something Entirely Different’

What CNN Needs to Compete With MSNBC and/or Fox News During Primetime

Watch This Explosive CNNi Segment That Fox News Has Been Ridiculing

Tucker on Comey-Flynn Bombshell: ‘What You Think Is Happening Often Really Isn’t Happening’

Angela Rye Throws Down On April Ryan Dustup: Spicer ‘Doesn’t Get to Be Her Daddy’

CNN’s Bolduan: Can Republicans Really ‘Walk Away From Health Care’ and Move On?

CNN’s Bolduan Presses GOP Rep. for Not Holding Town Halls: Are You ‘Avoiding Constituents’?

‘I Think He Was Trying to be Funny’: Trump Supporter on McConnell Saying Mexico Won’t Pay for Wall

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