Jake Tapper Calls For More Female Voices Amid Kavanaugh Coverage: ‘We’d Heard From Men Enough’


On Monday night, CNN anchor Jake Tapper weighed in on the recent events surrounding the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Tapper began by telling Stephen Colbert the allegations made against Kavanaugh will be remembered no matter the outcome of his confirmation, comparing them to his recollection of the confirmation of Justice Clarance Thomas and the allegations made by Anita Hill. and noting that as “nasty” as the politics were back then, it feels “even nastier” today.

Colbert then mentioned President Donald Trump‘s press conference at the White House and asked The Lead host who he thought the president was referring to when he accused many in Washington D.C. of having such skeletons in their closets.

“This might come as news to you, but sometimes he makes things up,” Tapper told Colbert. “On the other hand, you know, it’s probably a safe bet that some of those senators are doing something.”

While he insisted he doesn’t know what’s going to happen, he made the assumption that Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed, which caused the audience to boo.

“I think they’re all going, ‘Booooooof,'” Colbert joked.

Later on during the interview, The Late Show host mentioned that in his latest broadcast of his Sunday show State of the Union, Tapper had only female guests [Kellyanne Conway and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)] and an entire female panel.

“Do you think that this story is going to change how reporters cover  not just accusations of sexual assault but the role of women in Washington politics?” Colbert asked. “That it’s going to change sort of the primacy or importance of women’s voices?”

“Well, I hope so,” Tapper responded. “I’ve had all-women panels lots of times, but it is true that this Sunday, I felt that we’d heard from men enough.”

Watch the clips above, via CBS.

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