Jake Tapper Rips Trump Over Downplaying Coronavirus One Month Ago: Gave a ‘False Sense Of Security’


CNN’s Jake Tapper ripped President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon his show The Lead With Jake Tapper over the commander-in-chief downplaying the coronavirus a month ago by re-running his remarks and stating it “was clearly a false sense of security he was providing the nation.” 

Tapper began, “And as we pass 800 deaths and more than 61,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in this country, it is worth remembering what President trump said almost one month ago today.” 

Tapper then played a clip from Trump’s remarks a month ago where he downplayed the coronavirus.

“When you have 15 people, and a 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that is a pretty good job we’ve done,” Trump touted. 

Tapper then continued to rip Trump over the president’s “false sense of security.” 

“Tomorrow will be the one month anniversary of that statement from the president. That was clearly a false sense of security he was providing the nation. In keeping with the many lies, he has told the nation in order to downplay the virus and its risk. And oversell the Trump administration response with more than 61,000 cases in the U.S. – far more than 15, far more than zero.”

“There is no way of knowing how many lives were affected by that false sense of security,” Tapper continued. 

Watch above, via CNN.

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