Jeanine Pirro: AG Bill Barr Has James Comey and Andrew McCabe ‘By the Short Hairs’


Fox News host Jeanine Pirro appeared to make a crude reference about former FBI director James Comey and former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe on Wednesday, as she claimed that attorney general Bill Barr has grabbed both of them by their “short hairs.”

Pirro, who made the comment on Fox & Friends, also insisted that Comey’s recent tweet about continuing to call out President Donald Trump’s wrongdoings was a desperate move to avoid “go[ing] to jail.”

She went on to lay out her case as to why Comey and McCabe will both be taken down by Trump’s attorney general, in light of a New York Times report this week on federal prosecutors nearing an indictment of McCabe for lying to federal law enforcement officials.

“Bill Barr — this guy is like a slow locomotive. There ain’t nothing going to stop him, he is going get to where he is going, you can be sure he will get there when he is supposed to,” said Pirro. “He decides he will not indict Comey on not something as significant as what he can indict him for, and that is perpetrating a fraud on the FISA court.”

“He has got Comey by the short hairs. He has got McCabe by the short hairs,” she added. “These guys have committed crimes in the name of — whatever, Hillary. You know what? If she was so great, you should have expended this kind of energy getting her elected. She lost. Stop with the revenge.”

According to the Times, McCabe’s attorneys recently took a meeting with deputy attorney general Jeffrey Rosen in an apparent attempt to protect their client from an impending indictment. The potential indictment traces back to McCabe’s actions in October 2016, as he provided a background disclosure to the Wall Street Journal, which he subsequently lied to the inspector general about it and misstated his involvement in the story at other times.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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