Jim Acosta: We Saw Trump’s Presidency ‘Go Off the Rails’ at Today’s Press Conference


Following a crazed press conference by President Donald Trump today, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta — who has a history of tussling with POTUS and was recently called “fake news” (again) by the president — observed that not only was the presser off the rails but so was Trump’s presidency.

Speaking to anchor Wolf Blitzer, Acosta observed that Trump was “trying to have it both ways” with his remarks by claiming the “alt-left” was just as responsible for the violence in Charlottesville as white nationalists and the alt-right.

After knocking Trump for stating that he likes to wait for all the facts to come in before commenting on things, the CNN reporter then stated that we could be seeing the end of Trump’s presidency now.

“Donald Trump made his true colors very clear here inside of Trump Tower and it felt like, Wolf, when you’re watching it here in person, you’re not just seeing a press conference go off the rails or jump the tracks, you are watching a presidency go off the rails and jump the tracks,” Acosta noted. “It was just that strange, surreal, stunning and baffling to watch.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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