Scarborough Grills McCabe Over FBI’s Treatment of Hillary: ‘Deep State Elected Donald Trump!’


Andrew McCabe was pressed on his decisions from the Hillary Clinton probe during his interview on Wednesday with Morning Joe.

McCabe was continuing his media tour in promotion of his new book, The Threat, and things got off to a solid start when the former FBI deputy director was asked whether he or any other members of the bureau ever made a mistake. McCabe referred to the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe, saying their unusual announcement for their investigative results “may have had an impact on electoral politics far beyond anything we ever intended.”

The conversation continued to gravitate around James Comey‘s press conference, with questions like whether they held it to settle the Clinton investigation because they thought she was going to win the presidency and they tried to resolve the matter by the time of her election. When the panel arrived at the FBI’s re-opened Clinton investigation 10 days before the election, Joe Scarborough asked him if he or Comey have regrets about their letter to Congress.

“This is one of the most bizarre things when I hear about the deep state conspiracies about Donald Trump,” Scarborough said. “The ‘Deep State’ elected Donald Trump. If you talked to Donald Trump during that time he would tell you that letter actually gave him a chance to win the presidency.”

McCabe answered that he wasn’t involved in that decision since Comey wanted him to remain distant because of reporting about his leaks to the media at the time. This prompted Scarborough to grill McCabe on why he leaked information about the investigation and then lied about it to federal officials.

“When I served as deputy director, I was one of two people in the FBI who had the authority by FBI policy to interact with the media and decide what information as an organization we shared with the media,” McCabe said. “I don’t consider any of the authorized dissemination of information I was involved in over my course of deputy director to be leaks. They are not leaks.”

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