Joe Scarborough: Trump’s Attacking Jewish ‘Disloyalty’ Is Exactly How the Germans Attacked Jews


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough likened recent comments made by President Donald Trump over Jewish-Americans political “loyalty” to tactics used to attack Jews in the Soviet Union and Germany because they are “insufficiently loyal.”

Trump received heavy criticism for a comment he made during a White House pool spray Tuesday afternoon in which he called American Jews who vote for Democrats either ignorant or disloyal.

Morning Joe guest Julia Ioffe commented on Trump’s controversial position by noting calling out the loyalty “trope” and its “long and sordid history.” She then listed numerous examples of what she saw as Trump’s irresponsible playing with anti-Semitic tropes, or as she said, “Donald Trump playing footsie with anti-Semites.”

“When he ran the closing ad of his campaign, which was basically kind of the greatest hits of the elders of Zion when he re-tweeted the photoshopped image of Hillary Clinton with the star of David with a pile of money and deflected and said it was an illusion to frozen. During the Charlottesville event, when people were chanting Jews will not replace us,” Ioffe listed before concluding “the trope has a history and so does Donald Trump.”

Scarborough followed by likening Trump’s questioning Jewish-American loyalty to tactics used by the Soviet Union and Germany.

“That lies right at the heart of anti-Semitic tropes. Again, for decades, for generations, for centuries, for centuries, this is exactly how Jews have been attacked not only in the Soviet Union but in Germany, across the world, that they are quote, insufficiently loyal.”

The comparison of President Trump to strongman and fascist leaders isn’t terribly unique on the set of Morning Joe, but the very specific comparison of Trump’s rhetoric to that made in advance of the genocide of six million Jews is certain to draw a reaction from both critics Trump administration, and Trump supporters convinced that the media is portraying him unfairly.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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