John Oliver Reacts to Bob Woodward’s Book Fear: ‘We’re All Going to Die!’


Bob Woodward’s new book detailing the “harrowing” halls of the Trump administration’s White House comes out this week, and so it made sense for John Oliver to provide his insightfully comedic reaction on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

Last week was a tough week for the embattled commander in chief, as the promotion for Woodward’s book coincided with an unprecedented and damaging anonymous op-ed was published in the NY Times by someone claiming to be a “senior Trump administration official” who was actively working to undermine the efforts of President Donald Trump.

All of this was covered in the seven-minute segment, but it was the details of Trump’s lawyer’s allegedly demurring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that spawned Oliver’s best response.

Trump lawyer John Dowd allegedly referred to Trump as a “goddamned dumbbell” in keeping him from testifying under oath, to which Oliver said, “that is the president’s own lawyer telling a prosecutor — a prosecutor! — that his client would be so stupid under questioning it would be a genuine national security concern.”

Oliver particularly delighted at the gym coach style term  “goddamn dumbbell,” adding that term is “so much more delightful than ‘idiot’ or ‘dipshit’ or ‘fucking moron.’”  “‘Dumbbell’ just puts a fun cartoon image in your head. Anyway, the president’s a disaster and we’re all going to die.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of HBO.

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