Jonathan Turley on Trump Legal Team’s Letter to Mueller: ‘They Know They’re Going to Lose’


George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley addressed the Trump legal team’s memo to Robert Mueller on Morning Joe Monday, saying that not only is their position not supported by law, but that he thinks they know it isn’t.

“Well, the letter itself seems to be an example of position bargaining where frankly they are exaggerating the existing case law,” Turley told host Joe Scarborough. “It is not true that the president can simply defy a subpoena.”

“There’s not a lot of case law in the area but what is there supports Robert Mueller and I think that the White House team understands that,” he continued.

“I think they know they’re going to lose.”

Turley goes on to explain that he sees this as a play to limit the scope of any future interview, to limit the questions that may be asked. Scarborough cites the example of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani saying that the Trump Tower reversal is “the reason you don’t let the president testify.”

Turley agrees and concludes:

Usually we try to serve our clients by doing excellent work. On this occasion you’re saying, you know, ‘because we have made false statements, our client really shouldn’t be called to the stand.’ And so that’s something we don’t normally see. It’s right up there with the Comey statement. You know, we knew that they’ve been debating for a long time what are we going do with Comey, but we never thought that one of the options was a woodchipper.

But is it?

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