Kal Penn Calls Trump ‘Tiny-Fingered Vulgarian’ Who Tweets ‘As a Way to Get Policy Done’


Kal Penn is something of a Renaissance man.

He is not just a working actor (movie star?) but he is also the rare breed of Hollywood political activist who actually gets involved in policy. And now he can also claim to be the kind of guy who cites Spy Magazine insults from the 1980s towards President Donald Trump.

Last week news broke that the Kal  penned (!) a letter of resignation from the White House Arts Council  over Trump’s response to the deadly White Supremacy and Neo-Nazi protest in Charlottesville. News of the resignation went viral as there was a not-so-subtle RESIST message in the letter.

This morning Penn was a guest on CNN’s New Day to discuss his decision to resign and had this to say about the President (emphasis added for effect):

“And you have a White House that has gone into federal agencies and essentially put in a freeze. The they’re wasting tax payer dollars. We had these programs where you could push it to an outside entity like the Kennedy ten center and continue it. We felt like this point where resigning en masse would send a message, the love we have for each other, in ways that a lot of folks are doing outside of government, that if government is so dysfunctional and can’t get anything done, what if we focus on things outside the government. You’re dealing with a tiny fingered vulgarian who loves to tweet as a way to get policy done. We’re better than that.”

Quick history…the 1988 April edition of Spy magazine coined the term  “short-fingered vulgarian” as a means to mock Donald Trump in a satirical advertisement for his “The Art of the Deal,” which has just been published. Though Mr. Penn substituted “tiny” for “short,” the Montclair, NJ native gets credit for showing his Manhattan-based intelligence on cable news.

Fans of Spy are sure to delight in the reference, while Trump supporters will likely have missed the reference all together.

As co-host Alisyn Camerota notes at the end of the clip, “well played.”

Watch above, courtesy of CNN.

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