Kellyanne Targets Senate Intern Who Heckled Trump By Name, Says WH Would Have Fired Her


Kellyanne Conway just called out the Senate intern — by name on Fox News — who was suspended for yelling “fuck you” at President Trump several days ago.

The White House special counselor gave an interview to Fox & Friends on Wednesday, where she was asked about how press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is receiving Secret Service protection in light of the harassment she and other Trump officials have received recently. As Conway swatted down critics for “inciting violence” against White House staff, she eventually targeted media executives for hiring political observers and commentators and letting them “get away with saying things there that you would not get past an editor’s desk and that’s very concerning.”

After that, Conway named congressional intern Caitlin Marriott on air, saying “I’m sure she’s being deified on the Left.”

“I can promise you on [Trump’s] behalf that if a White House intern here this summer ever said anything like that to an elected official…harassing elected officials like [Mitch] Mcconnell and his wife, I guarantee you that person would be gone immediately.”

Conway went on to say there’s “no moral equivalence” between the rhetoric Trump used during his campaign rallies, urging attendees to assault protestors, and the recent comments from Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA).

So lets see here: yelling profanity at a politician is a fireable offense, but when White House official Kelly Sadler jokes that Sen. John McCain is irrelevant because he’s “dying,” the White House ignores it.

Got it.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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