Kimmel Appeals to Trump on Climate Change With PSA Showing His Golf Courses in Danger


In an attempt to make a breakthrough on climate change, Jimmy Kimmel used some of President Donald Trump‘s biggest passions in order for him to take action.

Kimmel began by listing things like hot temperatures, higher carbon dioxide levels, and the melting of arctic ice as a direct result of climate change and criticized the Trump administration for rolling back regulations “designed to slow it down.”

“Somebody needs to get through to the president before it’s too late,” Kimmel told his audience “So as a service to the planet, we made something that I hope he sees that this breaks down I think in terms that I hope will resonate with him.”

He then shows a dramatic video featuring a narrator describing the consequences of climate change, but it quickly makes a direct appeal to the president.

“Scientists say that by 2050, 80% of the world’s coastal golf courses could be submerged,” the narrator says as it shows one of Trump’s golf clubs under several feet of water. “Inland, droughts will dry up fairways and putting greens un-puttable. Rising sea levels in Florida will make exclusive luxury waterfront clubs uninhabitable.”

The video then makes a pivot from Trump’s activities… to his appetite.

“Extreme weather will impact agriculture, leading to fried chicken shortages Kentucky-wide,” the narrator continued. “And young women will be too dehydrated to have sex with wealthy, older, married men.”

The video urged the president to take action to “protect the most precious treasures” of all; “your handicap, your real estate, your penis.”

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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