Climate Change

California Gov. Jerry Brown: Climate Change Deniers Are ‘Contributing’ to Wildfire ‘Tragedies’

Trump No Longer Thinks Climate Change is a Hoax, Still Not Sure It’s Manmade

WATCH: 10 Key Moments from Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview

Al Gore Has a Message for Trump: ‘Resign’

Kimmel Appeals to Trump on Climate Change With PSA Showing His Golf Courses in Danger

EPA Officials Cooperated With Climate Change Deniers, New Emails Show

Democrats Roar as French President Macron Declares U.S. Will One Day Rejoin Paris Climate Accord

Watch a Climate Expert Totally Trap Tucker Carlson: If Global Warming’s Not Real, Why Call Out Private Jet Fliers?

Tucker Carlson Clashes With Climate Change Activist: You’re Focused On ‘Your Own Moral Virtue!’

Weather Channel Shades Trump by Explaining the Difference Between Weather and Climate

Twitter Heats Up Over Trump’s Global Warming Tweet: ‘Among the Stupidest Ramblings Ever’

Cringeworthy: Trump Environment Pick Grilled Over Her Distrust of Climate Science

Stevie Wonder: You ‘Must Be Blind or Unintelligent’ To Not Believe in Global Warming

‘You Look Really Stupid There’: Greg Gutfeld Mocks CNN’s Acosta for Connecting Irma to Climate Change

CNN’s Acosta at White House Press Briefing: ‘Maybe There Is Something to This Climate Change Thing’?

S.E. Cupp Accuses Maher of Emboldening ‘Blowhards Like Rush Limbaugh’ in Clash Over Climate Change

Limbaugh Won’t Stop Digging: Climate Change-Pushing Liberals Find Hurricane Irma ‘Exciting’

Rush Limbaugh Suggests Hurricane Irma Part of ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy to Advance ‘Climate Change Agenda’

Maher Teases Al Gore About Rising Sea Levels: ‘Who Would Know Better About Losing Florida?’

Al Gore Rips Trump and ‘Wild’ White House Dysfunction: ‘It’s Deeply Troubling’

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