Lara Logan Makes Bonkers Claim Antifa Is Infiltrating Law Enforcement Nationwide With Complicity from Black Police, Elected Officials


Fox Nation’s Lara Logan made an outrageous claim on Thursday night, saying she has found that Antifa, a catch-all term for an atomized, anti-fascist protest movement, are infiltrating law enforcement organization across the country, thanks to complicity from high-level African-American police officials and politicians.

“I stumbled across something today and I am telling you this for the first time, and that is on one of the verified Antifa web sites,” Logan said on Hannity on Thursday night. “They are using a source who is publishing the Department of Homeland Security’s flights, they are putting out the height that they are flying at, flight patterns, surveillance, aircraft being used by different agencies, putting out personal records of police officers, they know their addresses,” Logan ominously warned without going into further detail.

“These people have a very significant organization and every time we say I don’t want to talk about this, I want to talk about these other issues, look at the history of these groups,” Logan continued, before implicating prominent politicians like Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. “They go back to Ferguson and all the others. The head of the police of Minneapolis is black. The attorney general there is black. The person in charge of state security is black. So saying that this is a race issue is allowing these groups to proliferate, to infiltrate law enforcement, and attempt to burn this country to the ground, which is their ultimate goal.” Hogan then turned to Fox contributor Geraldo Rivera and claimed: “They want to kill everyone.”

Before the segment with Rivera, Logan, and contributor Dan Bongino, host Sean Hannity aired a video from Project Vertias purporting to reveal an Antifa group’s devious operations and protocol. The video about the alleged Portland Antifa group has since been debunked,  however, after others pointed out that purported group’s current headquarters was actually the library from the fictional TV show Portlandia, which was closed in early 2018.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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