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Larry Wilmore Has Had It with Ben Carson: ‘You Are Out of Your F*cking Mind’


From the beginning, Larry Wilmore has been skeptical of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, wondering, “Is his whole campaign based on, ‘Once you go black, you never go…?’”

But Carson’s comments this week about what he would do in the event of a mass shooting like the one perpetrated in Oregon last week appear to be the final straw for the host of The Nightly Show. According to Wilmore, Carson is “falling into the classic trap that has defeated so many promising but ultimately insane Republican candidates: He’s opened his mouth and told people what he really thinks.”

After playing the clip in which Carson told Fox & Friends he would encourage others to rush the gunman because “he can’t shoot us all,” Wilmore said slowly, “You are out of your fucking mind.”

“You know, the sad thing is he probably can shoot you all thanks to your party’s position on not wanting to limit high-capacity magazines,” the host added.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:


Even worse, Carson told CBS This Morning he had never heard of Chris Mintz, the veteran who heroically rushed the gunman and was shot seven times and still could not take him down. But according to Carson, that “verifies” his point.

“You’re giving horrible advice,” Wilmore told Carson. “People are still grieving over their loved ones and you’re going to blame the victims for not fighting against a gun?”

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