Lindsey Graham: If You Try to Drive Trump Out of the GOP, ‘Half the People Will Leave’


Senator Lindsey Graham (R- SC) has made it clear over the past week he wants the GOP to embrace Donald Trump as its leader and thinks the party can’t move forward without him.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum spoke with Graham Tuesday and asked him about Senator Joni Ernst (R- IA) deeming the House GOP vote to oust Liz Cheney as “cancel culture.”

Graham took issue with that and said, “You’re not entitled to be a leader. You have to earn that right. And if people don’t think you’re leading them well, they can fire you.”

He said Cheney lost the confidence of House Republicans because “she’s trying to make the argument that the Republican party is better off without Donald Trump, that he’s disqualified from being a member of the Republican party, that he should never be allowed to pursue office again.”

And most Republicans, he added, disagree with that.

Graham insisted that “Trump plus” is the future for the GOP, and getting rid of him would only hurt the party:

“If you try to drive him out of the Republican party, half the people will leave. It doesn’t mean you can’t criticize the president. It means the Republican party cannot go forward without President Trump being part of it.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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