Martha MacCallum

Jake Tapper Rips Trump’s ‘Dangerous’ Anti-Press Rhetoric in Mag Interview: He’s Waging War on Accountability

Lindsey Graham After Being Confronted With Past Remarks Vowing ‘Hell to Pay’ if Session Fired: ‘When Was That?’

Fox News Scores Historic Ratings For Midterm Elections, Topping Cable and Broadcast Networks

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Criticizes Trump for ‘Disturbing’ Attacks on the Press

Martha MacCallum Rejects Criticism of Fox News: Those Who Consider Us ‘State TV’ are ‘Clearly Not Watching’

Mediaite’s Ranking of Best Cable News Show at 7 P.M.: Chris Matthews, Erin Burnett, Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum Battles Sen. Coons: Don’t Both Kavanaugh and Ford ‘Bear the Burden’ to Prove Credibility?

Gillibrand Rails Against Fox News on MSNBC: ‘Trying to Confuse Voters’ About Kavanaugh

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Gets Huge Ratings Boost from Kavanaugh Interview; Tops Monday Cable News Ratings

The View Tussles Over Martha MacCallum’s Kavanaugh Interview on Fox News: It Was a ‘Real Softball’

Scarborough: Journalists Claiming ‘Kavanaugh is a Rapist’ Should Have ‘D’ By Their Name

CNN’s Kirsten Powers Zaps Fox’s Martha MacCallum Over Kavanaugh: She Was a ‘Sympathetic Interviewer’

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum Receives Praise For Kavanaugh Interview: Pressing Him ‘More Than I Would Have Guessed’

Ashley Kavanaugh Defends Her Husband Brett: ‘He’s Decent, He’s Kind, He’s Good’

Kavanaugh: ‘I’ve Never Sexually Assaulted Anyone,’ I Was a Virgin Until ‘Years After’ High School

Trump Promotes Kavanaugh’s Fox News Interview, Stands Behind SCOTUS Nominee: ‘Must Be Treated Fairly!’

Kavanaugh Defiant in Fox News Interview: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’ (UPDATED)

WH Official Mercedes Schlapp on Kavanaugh Allegations: ‘Incredibly Disturbing’ Last-Minute Tactic from Dems

Fox News Panel Mocks Bill Clinton For ‘Leering’ at Ariana Grande During Aretha Franklin Funeral: ‘Good Lord!’

Martha MacCallum: Why Was Louis Farrakhan ‘So Front and Center’ At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral?

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