Trump Suggests More Deals With Dems: ‘We Got Very Poorly Treated’ by GOP

Sarah Sanders: Trump’s ‘Done More For Bipartisanship In the Last 8 Days Than Obama Did In 8 Years’

Joe Scarborough: Republican ‘Bitching’ For Seven Years Has Done Nothing

Steve Bannon Rails Against Sen. McConnell and Rep. Ryan in 60 Minutes Interview

Trump Critic GOP Congressman Charlie Dent Will Not Seek Reelection

Trump Siding With Dems on Debt Ceiling Is Natural Response to GOP Botching Obamacare Repeal

Chris Hayes: Does Trump Just Keep Calling GOP ‘Bluff’ on What They Said They Wanted Years Ago?

Tucker Carlson Shames GOPers Who Back DACA: ‘Their Campaign Pledges Were Lies’

Ana Navarro Fires Back at Ex-Trump Adviser: I Was a Republican When Trump Was Still a Democrat

Chuck Todd: Is Trump Trying to Remake the GOP or Just ‘Blow Up Everything’?

Virginia GOP Deletes Tweet Saying Dem ‘Turned His Back on His Own Family’s Heritage’ on Monuments

Howard Dean: ‘This May Be the Moment That Turns America Away from the Republican Party’

Chuck Todd: Trump’s Laying Down a Choice for GOP, Either With Him or Against Him

CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC Anchors Have Not Been Able to Book Single Republican

Jeffrey Toobin Rips Republicans for ‘Mild’ Rebukes of Trump: His Support Won’t Change One Bit

RNC Chair McDaniel Says to White Supremacists ‘We Don’t Want Your Vote’

Here’s How Congressional Republicans Are Reacting to That Crazy Trump Presser

Jeff Flake Continues to Ding His Own Party: GOP Must Be ‘More Welcoming’ On Immigration

A Republican ‘Shadow Campaign’ to Potentially Replace Trump in 2020 Is Underway, NYT Reports

Hannity Slams Sen. Jeff Flake: Instead of Trying to Sell Your Books, Focus On Obamacare

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