comScore Lou Dobbs: Dismantle the FBI Because ‘The Deep State is Armed and Dangerous’

Lou Dobbs: Dismantle the FBI Because ‘The Deep State is Armed and Dangerous’

Happy Tuesday. Here’s a healthy dose of cray-cray courtesy of Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs.

Dobbs suggested to his guest, National Review’s Andy McCarthy, that the FBI should be taken apart because “as long as they are there, the deep state is armed and dangerous.”

“Let me speak up though for my own experience which has always been that whatever was going on in headquarters, the rank-and-file of the FBI has always been very effective,” McCarthy said — trying to wave Dobbs off of the wacko train that he was inevitably about to run straight into a wall.

“I can see you with your heart reaching out to the old institution that you served. We appreciate that,” Dobbs told McCarthy. “But this is not the same institution. It is not the same people, and the leadership sure as hell isn’t the same.”

“These are, these are the smallest people imaginable that we could have at the top of those once storied institutions,” he continued. “They have become a blight on this society, a burden on our people, and to get citizens and we don’t know where the national security interests rests because, frankly, those intelligence agencies that include the FBI have so skewered it, I don’t know if it is ever retrievable.”

Well, Andy, at least you tried. But the cuckoo cannot be contained.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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