Lou Dobbs Says White House Should ‘Assign’ Someone to ‘Slap the Hell out Of’ Reporters at Briefing


The attack on the White House press corps continued Thursday night on Fox Business when host Lou Dobbs suggested that the White House should assign someone with the specific job of slapping reporters.

Dobbs first called Thursday’s briefing a “shameful spectacle of grandstanding and childish temper tantrums.” Referring to White House reporter and CNN contributor Brian Karem, Dobbs then said this: “You would think someone would be assigned to slap the hell out of somebody.”

He then added: “We’ll talk to our panel tonight about whether it’s time the bar some of these so-called journalists from the White House briefing room permanently.”

Dobbs’ talk, sans the violent slapping threat, sounds a lot like what was being said on Fox News’ The Five where Jesse Watters, who also referenced Jim Acosta in his own riff,  said this Thursday night: “These people don’t belong there. They are jokes. They need to start ripping press passes away. If you’re going to act like a wild animal, you don’t belong there.”

The reason for their panning of the White House reporters is that earlier on Thursday both Acosta and Karem took on White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, with most of the fireworks being saved for Karem’s passionate confrontation with Sanders over the Trump administration’s policy of separating kids from their families at our borders.

Karem responded to Watters and others calling him out for his Sanders confrontation on Thursday night making it clear he stands by his remarks and saying on CNN, ” I want to know. As a voter, as a taxpayer, I want to know where the administration sits on this issue. And they haven’t answered it, and they’ve put children in cables. That’s frightening to me. It stands to many people as an antithesis to what this country stands for. It demands an answer.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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