CNN’s Brian Karem is Not Sorry He Called Out Sarah Sanders on Border Policies: ‘It Demands an Answer’


On Thursday afternoon, CNN contributor Brian Karem confronted White House press secretary Sarah Sanders for her unwillingness to speak against the Trump administration policy of separating young children from their families at our nation’s border.

Then, on CNN Thursday night, he defended his actions.

Speaking to Erin Burnett, Karem started by saying that as a person who covered the border for five years, “I’ve seen the conditions under which people live that force them to flee and come to the United States and risk all,” at the least Sanders could have mustered was a callous response suggesting the converted Walmart was better than their home country.

Karem added that Sanders has repeatedly talked about her own children at in the press room, opening the door.

“In fact, as recently as last night, when CBS was reporting that she may be leaving her post soon, said she was at a kindergarten meeting with her children. So it’s a very human question to ask. I mean, do you have empathy for what these people go through? Regardless of policy. What I want to see, what I want to know, is, where do you draw the line?” he continued on.

He also said Sanders invoking the Bible was a step too far.

All this, he said contributed to him speaking up in the press room, a move some called a “meltdown” and others praised.

“Brian, you know, the reaction to your exchange was obviously everybody saw it. Walter Schaub, former director of the office of government ethics, he said, thank you, Brian Karem heroic pushback, many exclamation points. This is what you should look like in that room every day. Fox News anchor Jesse Watters accused you of having an embarrassing meltdown. You made the case, you said look she brings up her children frequently, and she invokes them. Your choosing to do so was not out of turn but consistent with choices she herself had made,” Burnett said.

“What do you say to Those who say what you did was inappropriate, what do you say?” Burnett asked.

In response Karem said this:

That’s their opinion, not mine. I think it’s — I’ll tell you what I was told the first day I walked into the White House press briefing room by Sam Donaldson and my favorite friend, Helen. Helen told me, she said it’s important to get the question asked. She told me, there’s no such thing as a bad question, only bad answers. Helen Thomas said that. Sam Donaldson said that. I agree with that. In fact, this isn’t King Donald Trump. It’s President Donald Trump. He’s responsible to us and it’s a valid question. Where are we morally as a country? Where are we? And I want to know. As a voter, as a taxpayer, I want to know where the administration sits on this issue. And they haven’t answered it, and they’ve put children in cables. That’s frightening to me. It stands to many people as an antithesis to what this country stands for. It demands an answer.

Watch above, via CNN.

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