Maggie Haberman Hits Trump on Coronavirus: ‘Sheer Volume’ of Untruths Said By POTUS ‘Does Not Inspire Credibility’


NY Times White House reporter Maggie Haberman offered a completely reasonably yet cynical reaction to President Donald Trump’s shifting rhetoric on the federal response to looming coronavirus pandemic following the White House press conference held early Wednesday evening.

After days of dismissing the global threat presented by the virus first presented in Wuhan, China, and reports that no “coronavirus czar” would be named, Trump announced federal plans to fight the virus to be led by Vice President Mike Pence.

It would be difficult to find a more reliable sourced reporter than Ms. Haberman, and her reporting for the New York Times is often first refuted by the president and his surrogates, only to be confirmed later. Such was the case in her report of a plan to name a “czar” which eventually happened, though without the proper title.

But it was Haberman’s comments on Trump’s rhetorical challenge with the truth that will likely resonate with many. In the context of accountability by the Trump administration, Haberman flatly noted the “sheer volume of things not true said by this president and some of his aides does not inspire credibility,” before explaining that this is “why they are being questioned on it at a time when they need it.”

“Most of the controversies this White House has dealt with have been of the president’s making. Not all, but most. This one is not. And how you handle that is a moment where you want people to believe that they can trust what you’re saying. And they have brought this on themselves that people question it.”

Watch above via CNN.

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