comScore Marc Short on Shutdown: ‘Democrats Are Conducting a Two-Year-Old Temper Tantrum’

Marc Short on Shutdown: ‘Democrats Are Conducting a Two-Year-Old Temper Tantrum’

This afternoon, the White House held a press briefing to discuss the aftermath of the Senate failing to pass a spending bill late Friday night, causing a federal government shutdown. Towards the end of the presser, Assistant to the President and Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short took some pointed shots at Democrats.

Asked why President Donald Trump isn’t “following his own advice” of being a leader and getting everyone in a room to negotiate considering his past criticism of President Obama during the 2013 shutdown, Short claimed Trump was been leading through this situation.

“He has been bringing together 20 different members of the House and the Senate in a bipartisan fashion and continued to remain on the phone and helped to encourage the bill that got passed in the House Thursday,” Short noted.

The presidential aide went on to say that the current spending bill in the Senate doesn’t have anything that Democrats don’t like before likening them to toddlers.

“It is like a two-year-old temper tantrum to say ‘I will take my toys and go home,’ because I am upset about something else,” he declared. “It has nothing to do with this bill, and the Democrats are conducting a two-year-old temper tantrum in front of the American people.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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