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Mediaite’s Survivor: Our Media Choices To Compete On Redemption Island

Tonight, CBS’ Survivor returns for Survivor: Redemption Island, featuring two of the show’s most enduring characters, Boston Rob and Russell. In keeping with tradition, we’ll celebrate with a Survivor-themed dinner and watch the show like full-on geeks (join me on Twitter for added perspective and live commentary). The season’s title got us thinking: in the media world, who would we most like to see play Survivor–dropped on an island in Nicaragua and forced to outwit, outlast and outplay the other media castaways?

Who would be the best at forming alliances? Blindsides? Who would excel at physical challenges? Who in the world of media Survivors can make fire or build a shelter that’s waterproof? Who would be a villain and who would be a hero?Who would be the best Russell-like plotter and saboteur? Who does puzzles? Who’d be most likely to find a hidden immunity idol? Who’d look best in very little clothing–and who’d be the one we’d be wishing would just, please, for the love of God put a shirt on? And, perhaps most importantly, can anybody in the media world catch and kill their own food (Sarah Palin, perhaps)?

So here are our votes for the most fantastic cast in Survivor history: Mediaite’s Media Survivor: Redemption Island. Let us know who you’d add.

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