Mike McQueary Speaks To CBS’ Armen Keteyian In First Post-Penn State Appearance

As the Penn state child rape scandal continues to develop, the main characters involved have gone surprisingly public, with Jerry Sandusky admitting to “horsing around” with children on NBC last night and private emails from alleged eyewitness to Sandusky’s crimes Mike McQueary giving the media a glimpse of how he felt he was being treated by the media. On CBS tonight, McQueary in fact confirmed that he was very concerned for his personal life and safety, and the scandal was taking an emotional toll.

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CBS News’ Armen Keteyian approached McQueary at his home, where he had been staying since being put on indefinite administrative leave after the scandal broke. He tells Keteyian that he will not elaborate on any of the allegations because “the process has to play out,” but did say that he felt “all over the place” and “just kind of shaken, like a snowglobe.” Keteyian elaborated that he said off camera he had fears for his personal life and safety, but that he at some point expect to speak on the matter.

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The interview from tonight’s CBS News below:

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