Millions of Undelivered Water Bottles Found Sitting on Tarmac in Puerto Rico


New reporting has revealed approximately 20,000 pallets of bottled water are just sitting there baking in the sun on a runway in Puerto Rico despite the fact that results in the hurricane-ravaged island are still in need despite President Donald Trump’s boasts about doing an “unappreciated great job in Puerto Rico.”

Calling it an example of the governments failed response, CNN’s Bill Weir today talked about the water going unused that they found thanks to a social media post from a local law enforcement officer.

“Some 20,000 pallets of bottled water by our back of the envelope math, that’s about 38 million bottles of water, ten for every resident of Puerto Rico or so. Just sitting there. Baking in the sun,” Weir said. “Apparently, it’s — FEMA started delivering to that air strip back in the fall, October or November or so. They didn’t start distributing it until May, and then some residents complained of a foul odor and taste, unsure whether it came that way or got that way from sitting in the sun for months in the heat down there. Then that prompted more water testing, and it’s just been sort of a perfect storm of logistical nightmares.”

He added that there was definitely need for the water.

“I couldn’t help think back to all the folks I saw a month after the storm drinking rain water, drinking creek water.”

The CNN reporter added he also thought of “all the very solid earnest National Guardsmen and FEMA workers who brought that water down here, thinking they were going to save and help lives.”

Weir also pointed out that the water still could be used by those in need, noting he’d met a woman yesterday.

That woman, he said, “has to go down into town and carry up this cistern in the back of her truck to field her animals, herself and her baby. So there is still plenty of need. But that disconnect is still so vivid a year after.”

Trump has praised his own response to Puerto Rico, tweeting out this early Wednesday morning:

He also claimed in an Oval Office briefing the relief efforts in Puerto Rico “was an incredible, unsung success.”

Watch above, via CNN

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