Morning Joe is Very Concerned About ‘Sad’ Rudy Giuliani: ‘Someone Needs to Take Care of Him. It’s Abusive’


The Morning Joe panel assembled Tuesday morning had a field day with Rudy Giuliani’s curious media strategy in defending President Donald Trump amidst numerous reports presenting a serious and existential threat to his presidency.

Much has been made of Giuliani’s repeated appearances on various cable news programs and his proclivity for revealing details about Trump’s private dealings that result in bigger political, and possibly criminal, problems than had existed before.

Giuliani has an august legacy as “America’s Mayor” for his handling the events of 9/11 while serving as New York City, and as a federal prosecutor for decades before. But according to Joe Scarborough, “it’s sad what has happened here.”

What followed was a series of comments that seemed some may see as ironically detached “concern” and at the same time undermine the authority of Giuliani, a guy who currently needs no help in the undermining of his own authority.

But amidst that perception, there was also an earnest concern, evidenced by Scarborough’s admission that he “hat (s) to see his legacy defiled by performances like last night” in reference to his Monday night appearance on Hannity.

Mika Brzezinksi followed her co-host’s comment with the rhetorical “is there someone around him taking care of him?”

She then interrupted Donny Deutsch before he dropped some sort of rumor about Giuliani’s reputation, as Scarborough asked “who are the family members that can take care of this guy.”

Mika chimed in with “Someone needs to take care of him. It’s abusive.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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