Morning Joe Rips Sarah Sanders: ‘If You’re Just Going to Lie, Why Bother’ Holding Press Briefings?


As Morning Joe reviewed the latest White House press briefing, they wondered if there’s any point to having them anymore if Sarah Huckabee Sanders is just going to use them to spread disinformation and not answer questions.

Sanders was under enormous pressure on Thursday to explain contradictions that have come to light thanks to Rudy Giuliani‘s remarks in the media regarding President Donald Trump’s knowledge of a hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Since the current news cycle is gravitating around the White House’s credibility crisis, the Morning Joe panel expressed concern over how it’ll be hard to believe anything Trump says if he ever has to address the nation in an actual crisis.

“Have we ever actually gotten the White House’s take on any legitimate questions out of those press briefings,” Brzezinski asked. “Have we ever gotten any truth out of them? Have they come to the point where not only has she lost the room, but they’ve become null and void?”

Republican strategist Susan Del Percio chimed in next, saying Sanders needs to own up to how she lies to the country on the president’s behalf. When asked if saying “no comment” is a better option than lying or claiming ignorance, Percio answered “Why not not have the briefings? If you’re just going to lie, why bother?”

Mike Barnicle followed up by saying that the worst thing about the “fire hydrant of false information” is that the country is growing apathetic to Trump’s consistent lying.

“This is how democracies die,” he said. “Deception and lies become normal.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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