MSNBC’s Ruhle Shreds Sam Nunberg After Ex-Trump Adviser Calls Himself a ‘Performance Artist’: ‘This is Not a Game, Sir!’


Ah, Sam Nunberg — the ex-Trump adviser who went on a media rampage so wild it led Erin Burnett to ask on live television if he was drunk. Wherever Sam Nunberg goes, a baffling claim is sure to follow.

And follow it did. The Nunz visited MSNBC this morning and called himself and fellow Trump adviser Roger Stone “performance artists,” which incensed Stephanie Ruhle.

“Whether it was on Twitter or in interviews that went well into 2016, he was almost gleeful in sort of his Wikileaks predictions and sort of talking about how he had an inside track with Julian Assange,” Ruhle said to Nunberg.

“This is exactly why I continued to warn Roger that summer not to do that crap, and it was crap,” Nunberg replied.

“What was crap?” Ruhle asked.

“For him to go start around pretending that he had some insight, foreknowledge, or any knowledge or any connection to Wikileaks,” Nunberg said.

Ruhle leaned across the table. “So you think he was BS-ing back in 2016?”

“Correct. Look, we’re performance artists. This is a game,” Nunberg told her with a smirk.

“This is not a game,” Ruhle said, her voice taking on a hushed tone. “The United States presidential election is not a game, sir.”

Nunberg brushed her off with a “Well,” and continued by saying that he warned Stone not to say anything about Assange. The conversation continued about Stone, the Russians, and Robert Mueller, but there was a shift in the room. The weight of Ruhle’s incredulousness at Nunberg’s blithe admission that one of the president’s advisers just characterized himself as a “performance artist” hung like an anvil over the news desk.

An anvil that only Sam Nunberg could string up.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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