Nate Silver, After Pushing for Retractions of Arizona Calls, Says Biden is Now ‘The More Likely Winner’


FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver determined that with the latest election numbers coming out of Arizona, it is increasingly likely President Donald Trump will lose the state to Joe Biden.

Ever since Fox News and Associated Press called Arizona for Biden early in the week, the projection was repeatedly contested by Trump’s allies who pointed out that many votes in the state weren’t counted yet. As the vote came down to the Maricopa County results, Silver was among those who previously previously assessed that the race in the state was called prematurely — though he did say he would pick Biden to win if forced to guess.

On Friday, the latest results from Arizona included over 61,000 votes from Maricopa, and they show Biden with 972,570 votes to Trump’s 912,115. Silver joined ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to analyze the numbers, and said that pace isn’t good enough for Trump to recover.

“I have been an optimist on the Trump comeback in Arizona [but] that was really bad news for Trump,” Silver said. “I think Biden is the more likely winner now in Arizona.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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