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North Korean Delegation Reportedly Doesn’t Show Up For Meeting With U.S. Officials

North Korea is not messing around.

CNN reported Thursday that a North Korean delegation did not show up to a scheduled meeting at the DMZ with U.S. officials.

The snub happened right after a meeting which Secretary of State Mike Pompeo characterized as very productive, but apparently North Korea did not agree.

“It does underscore the difficulty of negotiating with North Korea toward the end of denuclearization,” former Rear Admiral John Kirby said to CNN’s Poppy Harlow as they broke the news. “It’s going to be hard, because we do not share the same goals strategically as Kim Jong Un does.”

“Remember the very stern reaction that the North Koreans had after Pompeo’s visit… calling our tactics] ‘gangster-like,’ right? So this could very well be an act of retribution for that, a way of telegraphing to the United States, hey, we’re serious. We don’t care for the tone you came into this meeting and we’re not going to follow through on this next iteration.”

“And they know how important the return of the remains of our P.O.W.s missing from the Korean War are to us. They know what a visceral, emotional thing that is for the United States. And so this definitely is a stick in the eye.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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