POLL: Just 50% of Fox News Viewers Buy Trump’s Claim the Mueller Report Cleared Him


A new poll is out showcasing the divide in opinion on the Mueller report between President Donald Trump’s base and the rest of the country.

The NBC/WSJ poll looks at perceptions of the Mueller report based on where participants get their television news. NBC’s Meet the Press blog described the poll results as a “stalemate”: Trump’s “political base — especially those who get their news from Fox — hasn’t budged an inch, according to the poll.”

That’s true in some respects: fewer than 30% who get their news from network TV, CNN or MSNBC think Trump has been honest about the Russia investigation, compared to 61% of Fox News viewers.

When it comes to whether the Mueller report clears Trump, a tiny fraction of network, CNN and MSNBC viewers said it did. Fox News viewers were the clear outlier, with 50% believing the report clears the president:

Those numbers are still remarkable. That 50 % are viewers of Fox News, a network that has made the case (with gusto!) since Attorney General William Barr’s four-page letter that Mueller completely cleared the president on obstruction and conspiracy. The network also regularly and uncritically touts the president’s Twitter feed, which on a near-daily basis declares “NO COLLUSION, NO CONSPIRACY.”

Granted, while it is the case the Mueller found insufficient evidence to charge the president with conspiracy and punted on obstruction, Trump and many at his favorite network have declared “total exoneration.”

Despite that, half of Fox’s audience remains unconvinced.

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